Handshoe Mouse

Handshoe Mouse

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The HandShoe Mouse has been designed to reduce gripping, pinching and hovering of the fingers above the buttons, which are the actions that contribute to RSI and CTS. 12 Models Available

To make sure that fingers can easily click the mouse buttons without lifting them, the HandShoe Mouse comes in left and right configurations, wired and wireless and three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

This is the difference between “one size fits all” and “an ergonomic mouse that fully supports your hand”.


Configuration : Left & Right

Types: Wired, Wireless

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large


To determine the appropriate model, measure the hand from wrist to the tip of the ring finger:

Hand measures from 155mm – 175mm  - Small Model
Hand measures from 175mm – 195mm  - Medium Model
Hand measures from 195mm – 215mm  - Large Model


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The shape of traditional computer mice forces users hands and fingers into an unnatural position and stresses the forearm.

The unique shape of the HandShoe Mouse allows for users hands to rest without any effort and delivers full support for the hand and fingers, while relaxing the forearm.

The design of the HandShoe mouse also reduces the effort required by the fingers to use the mouse buttons, which minimises strain from the fingers up to the neck.

All of these features have been designed to allow the user to relax their movements and reduce Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).