The width of this RollerMouse makes it especially suitable for standard or full-size keyboards for comfortable typing. Rollermouse Pro3 allows you to work faster, and more comfortably.


*Rollermouse Free 2 model used in video

A new look and feel

  • A sturdier, aluminium base reduces risk of slipping and provides more durability. Premium leatherette padding runs the full length of the unit, offering extra wrist support.
  • The scroll wheel has a seamless glide up, down and across the page.
  • Keyboard risers can be inserted at the back of the unit to provide height and create an ideal transition between keyboard and RollerMouse.
  • A slider switch on the bottom of the unit is used to adjust the click force.

Personalised features

  • Five centrally-located buttons come pre-programmed to perform everyday, common mouse functions including copy, paste and a ‘one-touch’ double-click; these buttons can be customised to perform shortcuts.
  • The cursor speed, scroll wheel and rollerbar can also be customised.
  • The cursor speed button allows users to choose from ten speeds, coloured lights indicate the current speed selection.

Key features

  • Rollerbar. Roll the bar up, down and sideways to move the cursor. Press the bar down to left click.
  • Extra leatherette padding for superior wrist comfort.
  • 5 pre-programmed button functions.
  • Cursor speed adjustment. Ranges from 600 to 2400 dpi.

Width: 488mm

Depth: 99mm

Height: 29mm

Rollerbar width: 167mm

Rollerbar clickable: Yes

Adjustable bar click force: Yes

Sensor type: Optic

DPI: 600-2400

Number of buttons: 8 (includes scroll wheel and rollerbar)

Operating system: Mac OS, Windows

Plug & Play: Yes



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