Zergotech Keyboard Review

We are usually reserved about becoming early adopters of a new product from a new startup. But when we learned that Zergotech is a local, Sydney based start-up, we were intrigued.

As we were being introduced to the Zergotech Freedom, we noticed the many unique features that this keyboard employs. The ergonomic keyboard market has been largely static over time, but the Freedom brought with it some curious innovations.

The first thing that caught our attention was the sliding palm rests. Slightly skeptical at first, fooling around with the device confirmed to us the company’s claims that the sliding palm rests were a great ergonomic feature for typists to have – and in a big way. As opposed to standard palm rests, we immediately felt our hands were “free” to move about the keyboard (perhaps that was the inspiration for the name).

Occupational therapists and ergonomists recognize that the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to reduce RSI pain during typing is to have your hands hover and float off the desk while you type. These sliding palm rests glide seamlessly on their glass “slider bay” which certainly provide that same ergonomic sensation of hover typing. It’s actually a little puzzling why this idea hasn’t been developed a long time ago.

The sliding palm rests are included with the Freedom Keyboard, however they can also be purchased separately here



There are plenty of other ergonomic features too. The key layouts are more or less the same, but are now arranged in a way that ensures the your finger travel to keys are symmetrical.


The Freedom can accommodate four different positions without any need for additional props. With positive, negative and tented positions, you will find a position that suits you.



Zergotech has also managed to squeeze in a new embedded mouse functionality into the keyboard itself. For users with wrist pain from mouse usage, this could definitely be a great alternative as there is literally no wrist movements in controlling the cursor on screen.


Yet another ergonomic feature is the split format of the Freedom. Having a split keyboard allows you to sit up straight and keep your chest open for a correct posture.


Zergotech has also decided to target the tech-heads. So that means even more added features over and above pure ergonomics. And these features add to the price of the keyboard. Features such as Mechanical Switches, the ability to Program the keyboard to remap keys and place combinations and the like, coupled with a truly premium build quality, makes the hefty price tag very much so justifiable.


If you in the market for an ergonomic keyboard with incredible build quality and more functionality than you could dream of then the Zergotech Freedom Keyboard is highly recommended.


The Zergotech Freedom Keyboard is available for purchase from Ergonomic Essentials here

Slim and Tall Sliders or Optional Fixed Palm Rests are available from Ergonomic Essentials here


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