Merryfair Sit Stand Stool

Merryfair Sit Stand Stool


Perfect for use with a height adjustable desk!

With a black upholstered seat and a weight limit of 120KG the Merryfair sit stand stool is ideally used with a sit stand workstation.

It allows users to ‘perch’ on the chair. The seat will move forward or to the side with them with the base remaining firmly in the same spot.

The Merryfair Stool is a dynamic seating option that features a convex base which allows it’s user to move freely in a manner that is natural to our behaviour. This relives stress of an otherwise static loading of our musculoskeletal system.

It can be used in a sitting position or raised up in to what is referred as a “perching” position.

The seat features a thin layer of moulded foam covered in a black fabric.

10 Year warranty.


Seat dimension 300mm

Seat starting height 595mm

Seat finishing height 840mm


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