The Freestyle Pro is pre-configured for Windows use (Layout 1), but Mac users can simply toggle to Layout 2 with the touch of button and install the 4 included Mac keycaps.

Layout 3 is pre-configured for Dvorak typists, but any of the 9 layouts can be customized using the onboard shortcuts or the easy-to-use SmartSetTM Programming App.

The SmartSet App is preloaded on the keyboard and doesn’t get installed on your computer. The Freestyle Pro also features an adjustable linking cable so everyone can find their comfort zone.

Features Cherry MX (Brown) Low-force, tactile key switches

The Freestyle Pro utilizes the Cherry MX low-force tactile switch (brown stem). It is a semi-custom low force tactile design created in 1992 to Kinesis’ specifications. “Tactility” is a slightly elevated force around the midpoint of the key stroke which signals when the switch is about to be activated. A tactile response is preferred by many ergonomists because it can reduce the frequency of “bottoming out” the switch and reduce unnecessary impacts to your fingertips. The peak (tactile) force is ~55gm, following by an activation force of ~45 gm.

Adjustable linking cable accommodates a wide range of individuals

The two key modules are connected by a 51cm linking cable that can be adjusted to suit your body type, desktop space, and typing preferences. The basic configuration allows up to 30.5cm of separation. If you need additional separation, simply remove the cable compartment cover located on the back of the left key module and thread out more cable until you find your desired width.

Zero degree slope form factor

The Freestyle Pro features a zero degree slope from front to back for maximum comfort. Most keyboards, even ergonomic models, have a 10 degree positive slope. Positive slope keyboards tend to bend your wrists backwards, but the Freestyle Pro’s zero degree slope keeps your wrists neutral to reduce painful wrist extension.

Hot Keys

The Freestyle Pro features 8 pre-programmed hotkeys (Desktop, Last App, Select All, Undo, Cut, Delete, Copy & Paste) designed to reduce mouse clicks and awkward key combinations.

Onboard Programming

The fully programmable Freestyle Pro features Kinesis’s exclusive SmartSet Programming Engine that allows you to customise the keyboard’s layout without installing any clunky software or special drivers, or accessing the internet. Record macros, remap keys, and much, much more. SmartSet works on all major operating systems and enables users to easily create, view, edit, share, and backup their custom layouts. And thanks to 4MB of built-in storage, all of your custom setting move with the keyboard.

Programming Cluster

The most popular programming features are just a single key press away via the SmartSet programming cluster.

9 Dual-Layer Layouts

The Freestyle Pro comes out the box with 3 factory pre-configured layouts for Windows, Mac, and Dvorak. Each of these 3 layouts can be customized and there are 6 additional layouts available for power-users to customize. Use the “Fn” to access a secondary action for each key in the embedded layer.


Macros are great for eliminating awkward key combinations or repetitive key strokes. Each layout can store 16 macros (24 if you re-assign the 8 office hotkeys). Each macro can be up to 300 characters long, perfect for commonly used text phrases. Record macros on-the-fly or program them using the SmartSet App. Choose from 9 different playback speeds or add timing delays to dial in the performance.

Key remapping

Remap any of the 95 keys with a touch of button. Create custom layouts such as Colemak & Workman or remap a key to offload work from an overused finger or hand.

SmartSet Key

The SmartSet key is used in conjunction with both legended F7-F9 & F12 and unlegended keys to activate onboard shortcuts. Trigger a convenient Status Report to see your keyboard settings, launch the v-Drive to access the SmartSet App, adjust your global macro playback speed and much more.


The SmartSet App

No-Install Programming App Prefer a graphical interface for programming the Pro? Windows and Mac versions of the SmartSet App are pre-installed on the keyboard. Launch the App to design custom layouts, program powerful macros, assign mouse clicks and even customize keyboard settings without installing anything on your computer.


Weight 1.8kgs

Depth (front to back) 184mm

Width 394mm

Height 32mm

Adjustable linking cable length 305mm – 546mm USB cable length 1.8m



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