Fundamentals Adjustable Footrest

Fundamentals Adjustable Footrest

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The CW2000 also known as the Fundamentals Adjustable Footrest is one of the most popular footrests in offices Australia wide. By utilising an ingenious spacer block system, the footrest can be adapted for different individual users to ensure that their feet are in the correct position. Australian Made

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This Australian made footrest has a unique design which means that it is easily adaptable for people of all heights. Height is simply adjusted by varying the number of spacer blocks under the footrest.

3 sets of spacer blocks are supplied with the unit. Additional sets of spacer blocks are available seperately if you need more height.

The height of a basic unit with one set of blocks is 36mm at the front and 105mm at the rear. Every time you add a set of blocks 17.5mm is added to the height.

The CW2000 also features an anti-static carpet covering which ensures peace of mind.


Height of a basic unit (with one set of blocks): 36mm at the front, 105mm at the rear

Plate size: 460mm x 310mm

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Very good

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Fast and efficient service- product good

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As expected – thank you

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practical and works well

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Nice and light to carry and move, comfortable to use.

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