Ergorest on Extension Post

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Ergorest on Extension Post


The ErgoRest with Extension Post is an award winning design for a moveable forearm support which allows you to position your arm(s) ergonomically while providing neck, shoulder and arm support with unrestricted motion.

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This model is for use in industrial work stations, dental laboratories, assembly work, instrument work stations, laboratories, jewelry industry and generally where a steady hand is needed. It is designed with an extension post which allows the Ergorest to be positioned above the work surface at a level appropriate to the task.

The ErgoRest reduces stress and fatigue as well as helps the user to maintain a neutral wrist position for keyboarding, mousing and other desktop activities.The 331 000 also come with a longer forearm support pad.

Set the Erogrest pad height at any height in between 85mm to 450mm above the desk.

2 vertical extension posts (100mm and 200mm)
Three pivot points ensure great flexibility and mobility
Height adjustable
Can be used as a single or in a pair
Aluminium structure with padded arm supports
Clamps to desks

Clamp openings: 15-43mm
Clamp width: 45mm
Clamp depth: 69.5mm
Clamp end swivels 180°
Inner arm length: 146mm
Outer arm length: 89mm
Centre of arm and armrest pad both swivel 360°
Forearm support pad: 102mm wide x
Adjustable height: 85mm – 450mm

Colour Light grey padding, white frame, silver posts


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