Reduce the risk of trips in the workplace or easily tidy up unsightly cords along walls and doorways.

Secure Cord's clever design makes it the lowest profile cord cover of its type and its 'cut to length' flexibility means no job is too big or small - Just Measure, Cut and Secure.

Ideal for use in: Offices, Schools, Stages, Trade Shows, Government Buildings, Church Halls, Hospitals, Homes - anywhere where cables and carpet meet!  


Minimise the risk of trips in the workplace, or easily conceal unsightly cords with the amazingly versatile Secure Cord Cover. An original design makes Secure Cord the thinnest cord cover of its type and its ‘cut-to-length’ flexibility avoids the constraints of similar cord covers. The genius in this product is its simplicity and ability to do a great job while using a minimal amount of materials, ensuring fantastic value for money. 

Simply lay a strip of Secure Cord over your cords and the hooks on the underside grip the carpet to secure everything in place. Cords can then be reconfigured if required, as single cords can enter or exit the covering with ease. Re-usable over 1000 times, machine washable and a fraction of the price of other carpet cord covers. Secure Cord is a must have for any office, boardroom, meeting room or public space.



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