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Why are Standing Desks Better for your Health?

The standing desk has multitudes of health benefits that they can bring you and your employees.

Over the last 5 years standing desks have gone from a very specialised piece of ergonomic equipment to now being standard in many workplaces across the country.

Why has the rollout of the standing desk been so quick? Well, that’s simple, it’s the multitude of health benefits that they can bring you and your employees. One thing is for sure; standing desks are here to stay.

Some of the key areas in which sit-stand desks such as the Vertilift Height Adjustable Desk or sit-stand workstations such as the Ergotron Workfit TL can help include:

Improve Mood and Satisfaction

Standing while working will release endorphins giving you a natural high. Happy employees foster a more positive work environment and company culture. Switching to standing improves engagement, performance and health, decreases stress, and in turn, helps your employees thrive. For the company, this results in less employee absenteeism and better staff retention.

Enhance Productivity

An employees’ ability to be productive throughout the day is a key factor to achieving work-life balance, while employee efficiency is the lifeblood of an organisation. Studies have shown that it only takes 10 minutes of movement to increase mental focus, alertness and energy.

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

Movement friendly workspaces can help those in pain reduce or reverse their problems, and help those that are healthy stay that way. An added bonus of keeping employees active and healthy is reduced risk of occupational healthcare costs for employers.


Ergonomic sit stand desks minimize the risks of metabolic, mental and musculoskeletal strain.

Burn Calories

When you’re moving your fat-burning enzymes stay activated, burning far more calories than when you’re sitting. Standing for a few additional hours each day over the course of a year would lead to thousands of extra calories burned.

Improve Posture

Standing with correct posture puts your spine into a more naturally aligned position. The natural position feels more comfortable and puts minimal stress on your body.

Get Creative

All that increased circulation and blood flow to the body and brain from standing up will get your creativity pumping. You’ll be able to ‘think on your feet’ and get the ideas flowing. With benefits such as resourcefulness and ingenuity, why wouldn’t you make a simple change to move more often from sitting to standing?

Quick Tips

Here are some simple tips you can incorporate into your day with the use of your standing desk to lead to better health.

  1. Practice the sit-stand switch; every 30 minutes; alternate between sitting and standing.
  2. Stand up when someone comes to your desk to talk about a project.
  3. Incorporate stretching or simple exercises into both seated and standing positions.
  4. Conduct standing or walking meetings with team members.
  5. Stand up when taking a phone call.

Not sure which standing desk is the best for you?

Some are electronically powered at the click of a button, like the Maxishift Electric Workstation, and others that offer a manual lever adjustment to quickly transition from sitting to standing such as the Arise Sit Stand Workstation.

Or you can upgrade to a completely new sit stand desk, with affordable options including the Merit Electric Desk and the Talent Height Adjustable Electric Desk.

We have a variety of quality workstations and desks featured on our website and on display in our showroom. Our consultants are available to guide you through the options and features to select the right desk for you.

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