How to Prevent and Reduce Neck Pain Caused by Working at a Computer or Laptop


Our daily lives are filled with screen time usually including hours upon hours of looking at a computer monitor or laptop.

A by-product of this sedentary behaviour can be neck pain and strains. However, there are steps that can be done that can help to reduce or eliminate this pain.

The most important guideline to remember when you are looking at a monitor or laptop screen is that ideally, you want to be around 1 arm’s length away and have your eyes in line with the top third of the monitor when looking straight ahead.

This puts yourself in the most neutral posture possible and helps to relax the neck and eye muscles much more than if you were tilting your head down constantly.

You may be finding that your monitor is simply too low to follow these guidelines, if that is the problem, don’t fear! We have a selection of products to help you place your monitor or laptop in the best position.

For a computer monitor consider a Monitor Arm or Monitor Stand.

Wishbone Monitor Arm

You look at your monitor whenever you are at your desk. Just think about how many hours per day that is. One common problem that people face in today`s workplaces, is that their monitor is too low. Looking down at your monitor for hours a day is quickly going to give you neck pain. Some people may use a short term solution of putting A4 reams of paper under their monitor.

If you want something that is built to do that job, and can have compartments to put items, then you want to look at a Monitor Stand such as our Fellowes Monitor Riser or a Stackable Riser such as the Vuryser 2 Monitor Platform.

Alternatively if you want the freedom to rotate, pan and tilt a monitor along with the key positive of bringing your monitor to eye level, then you want to look at a monitor arm. These can come in single or dual monitor variations and can clamp or attach through the desk.

The Pluto is a great value arm.We also recommend the MXV Arm by Ergotron which is also dynamic meaning that it is easy to change the height of the monitor on the go.

For a Laptop consider a Laptop Stand 

A laptop stand is a great way to avoid the ‘laptop hunch’. They elevate your laptop screen so that it is much higher which results in less neck pain. They often offer different heights and suit a wide variety of different laptop sizes.  A couple that we recommend are the EE Laptop Stand and the Roost.

We also sell keyboards and mice, which you will need if you are using a laptop stand, as it means that you cannot use the laptop keyboard or pointer as it will not be in the correct ergonomic position.

An in-line document holder such as the Microdesk as another product designed to help get rid of neck pain. The Microdesk keeps you inline at all times, which reduces neck strain and improves posture. It simply sits in between your monitor and your keyboard and you put your documents on it. Traditionally these documents would be off to either side or flat on the desk causing you to constantly look left or right or down to refer to them. These repetitive movements quickly add up, and then the pain sneaks up too. An inline document holder is a great way to keep the pain away.

Lastly, a sit-stand workstation or complete height adjustable electric desk can also help with neck pain. As they are height adjustable they can help assist you in having the monitor at the correct height. They also you to move more while working. This freedom of movement helps to prevent stiffness in different muscles of the upper body, including the neck muscles.



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