Corporate Seating

Ergonomic Essentials Corporate Seating has helped many businesses over the country fitout their office with ergonomic chairs that are tailored to not only suit the employees individual needs, but to also meet budget requirements.

Time and time again we hear stories of businesses decking out their office with the exact same chair. However, not everyone is built the same and therefore the same chair does not suit everyone. These businesses end up having to purchase even more chairs once they realise that a chair can end up doing more damage than good, if it does not fit the worker. Function and Comfort should be considered as more important than having cutting edge aesthics at the end of the day.

ergonomic corporate seating

Our corporate seating experts can help you decide what chairs will suit your employees, and we can even offer trial chairs for corporate customers so you can see for yourself how good our chairs are!

We can deliver our chairs to you fully assembled all across the country, and we have recycling options available for your old chairs.

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