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What Should You Look For When Buying an Ergonomic Chair?

ergonomic chair
It’s not that hard to find ergonomic chairs for your office. There are so many out there in the market, after all. What’s hard is finding the best chairs for your employees from all those available in the market. The best chairs for your office are those which can address each employee’s seating needs, and these needs you must address not only include upper and lower back support.

Employee seating needs that must be addressed during the purchase of a chair are highlighted below.


In order for an employee to truly be comfortable whilst seated in one of our ergonomic chairs, it’s a must that it has the right seat size. Ensuring proper chair sizing, of course, involves taking measurements of a potential user. Some of the measurements of a person that need to be taken are the height from lower back to top of the head, the length from the top of the buttocks to knees, and the width of the hips.

Whilst measuring, there are some things to keep in mind. As a general rule, taller people will need ergonomic chairs that have significant seat depth. While there are models of ergonomic chairs that can be fitted with seat slides (attachments that add depth to a chair), which is great for chairs that will be used by different people – Having the correct seat size is preferable. It’s also worth mentioning that a seat slide cannot help a smaller person if the seat is too deep for him in the first place.

Measurements taken down can then be used as purchase guides. At Ergonomic Essentials, we offer chairs having different sizes to ensure that each of your purchases suits the needs of those who will be using them.

Seat Depth Measurement

One of the important things mentioned above was the need for taller people to be seated on ergonomic chairs which already have significant depth in the first place. The reason for this primarily has to do with blood circulation. When someone sits on a chair with a seat that’s too deep for him or her, the front end of the seat will touch the backs of his or her knees, and the longer they touch, the deeper the compression on the area. The deeper the compression on the area, the less blood that ends up flowing around the lower limb area.

So what’s the right seat depth? The best way to know the correct seat depth is checking if there is a two-finger gap between the back of the knees and the seat end.

Weight Rating

Different ergonomic chairs have different weight ratings— the maximum weight it can support. Generally, a weight rating of 135 kilograms is a good standard to look out for. This means that it can take the day to day loads easily for years for normal sized people, and it means they won’t have to worry about outgrowing the chair in the vast majority of cases. However for those big people there are options. Heavy Duty Chairs can have a weight rating of 160KG, 200KG, 250KG , and even more in special circumstances.

Mesh Back or Fabric Back?

A chair with a mesh back is not just aesthetically attractive; it also lets the back ‘breathe.’ However, in many cases, a chair with a fabric back provides a lot more support to the back due to its durability.

Does Your Chair Need Height Adjustable Arms?

A good ergonomic chair may or may not have height adjustable arms. The arms are only recommended to aid in making sure that the forearm is aligned with the table. Since people differ in terms of height, adjustable arm height allows them to accommodate the seating needs of both tall and short users.

Adjustable arm height also allows the chair to be set under the desk after work.

Lastly, How Long Should the Warranty Be?

You want to look for a chair with a ten-year warranty. A chair with a warranty that long is one that can save your office money since for that long time period; you are assured of support from the manufacturer when it does break down even from normal use. Therefore, a ten-year warranty eliminates the need for replacement.

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