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Tired After a Day of Office Work? Try Sit-Stand Workstations and Other Solutions


It’s safe to say that no one wants to feel tired after office work. There are still several hours left until bedtime, after all. And in that time window, a lot of things, both fun and essential, can be done. But can tiredness really be prevented after a long day of working to beat deadlines, argument-filled meetings, and sitting in a single chair for hours in front of a computer?

It’s quite possible!

The first thing you need to do is to understand that the series of high-intensity emotions you feel each workday and the underlying reason for the mental exhaustion you feel the moment you clock out—not the nature of your office jobs. The reason you feel this series of emotions each day is because you choose to feel them, and you choose to feel them because most corporate people these days tend to thrive in the workplace when these feelings are commonplace.

One of the best proofs that you choose to feel each day in the office is your choice of drink every morning—coffee.

Now that the main cause of our post-workday tiredness has been identified, it’s time to proceed to the things you can do in the office to manage your high-intensity emotions. Don’t worry about quitting coffee, there really is no need to do that.

Do More Whilst Working On Office Tasks

While exercise is associated with being an exhausting activity, fifteen minutes of any form of exercise can actually help in managing intense emotions and help spike your energy upwards. Therefore, adding physical movement to your typical office day can keep you from feeling exhausted as soon as you clock out.

Walking around different parts of the office is one physical activity you can add to your typical workday. But since this activity can involve you being away from the device or gadget you use to work, this might negatively affect your productivity.

For this reason, you can try a sit-stand workstation. These workstations are, in essence, tables whose heights can be adjusted to allow the user to still be able to work effectively when the urge to get up after a long time time strikes.

That said, a sit-stand workstation allows you to move practically every part of the body that you can move since it frees you from the constraints of being seated, thus allowing you to address your intense emotions as you gain a lot of energy.

arise sit and stand workstation

Below are other things you can do together with the use of these workstations.

Hydrate Regularly

It’s long been proven that dehydration prevents proper distribution of nutrients to the cells. When nutrients are not properly distributed to the cells, both body and mind become less energetic. At the same time, one becomes more irritable, and thus unable to manage high-intensity emotions felt any time of the day.

For this reason, it’s important to mind your water intake not only during your work hours, but also in the time before and after them.

Increase Your Fish Intake During Break Times

Fish contain omega-3 oils, which are not just great for heart health, but also help in boosting mental alertness. With increased mental alertness, you can better manage high-intensity emotions, leaving you less tired and more energetic by the time you clock out of work.

Take More Breaks To Eat Smaller Meals

There’s a good reason why many eat a lot of unhealthy food after a stressful day at work. High-intensity emotions cause stress, which saps a person of all energy. In other words, eating after stressful situations is a way of getting that energy back.

But why not replace the habit of eating unhealthy food after work with the habit of taking more breaks at work and energizing with healthy snacks like fruit pieces and juices? Building this habit stresses you less since the constant healthy food intake allows you to quickly and more effectively recover energy to prepare you for the next time you feel another intense emotion.

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