Introduction to the Gregory Office Chairs from Ergonomic Essentials

Introducing Gregory Office Chairs

You’ve decided to invest in a new office chair, and everyone is talking about the Gregory chairs! You are daunted by all the different makes and models of chairs in the Australian marketplace. What chair will suit you? How do I know that I am purchasing a quality product and the best ergonomic office chair for your needs?

Over the years one chair has set the standard for ergonomic seating in Australia. Providing both durability, great comfort, and many healthcare professionals say that it is the best ergonomic chair. You will see this chair in many government buildings and corporate offices. The Gregory Inca Chair is constantly one of the best rated ergonomic office chairs.

It started in the mid 1980’s when physiotherapist and company founder, Peter Gregory, was commissioned by Colgate-Palmolive to investigate injuries in the office workplace and address the largest cause of occupational back pain in Australian office workers – the office chair. The culmination of his research was the unique Dual Density Posture Support System, which has been recognised by ergonomists and occupational health and medical professionals as providing a superior seating solution for improved office efficiency.

The Dual Density seat features firmer foam in the front half of the seat and softer foam in the back half. The separation of the two foam densities is indicated by the split. The pelvis gently ‘sinks’ and is supported in the softer foam in the correct seating position at the back of the chair. Firmer foam at the front discourages the pelvis from sliding forward into the slouching “C” curve of poor posture. The moulded foam also encourages and improves blood circulation behind the thighs. The height-adjustable lumbar support in the backrest also assists with lower back pain.

We carry the Gregory Inca in stock, and it is available with 3 different size backs (medium, high or extra high), and 3 different size seats (small, medium or large). It is very important to sit on a chair that ‘fits’ you, by offering these different sizes there is a Gregory Inca chair that will suit you and help relieve discomfort and pain from sitting.

For those that are shorter or taller than average; Gregory have distinctive chairs to suit you as well.

For shorter people, the Gregory Petite chair is a popular option. The seat is only 410mm deep, so it will give you the desired gap between the end of the seat, and the back of your leg. This gap helps with blood circulation and comfort. The gap that you should look for is around 2-3 fingers, this is a great way of working out the seat depth that you need.

Tall people are not without options either. As mentioned before the depth of the seat is very important, and taller people need a deeper seat. An optional Seat Slide is an adjustment that can slide the seat out up to an extra 50mm. Seat Slides are great upgrades for taller people, and also multi-user workstations, so that the chair will fit a variety of people’s sizes.

The Gregory chairs feature a 3-lever independent mechanism with adjustable seat height, seat tilt and back angle, providing the user with the ultimate ergonomic solution in the workplace.

The chair range from Gregory are rated to 120KG.

The Gregory chairs are made in Australia and come with a 10 year warranty. Not only does this give you peace of mind, it also shows how well the product is made as the manufacturer is prepared to back it.

They are GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) and AFRIDI level 6 certified, meeting Australian Standards and certified for severe commercial use.

We stock the chairs in Renegade Deserter black fabric as standard as this offers a durable fabric to match the long life of the chair and the black colour is most popular for work offices. However, if you are looking for something with a little more flair and style, you can customise your Gregory chair with different fabrics and colours available.

Contact us to discuss your requirements!

We hope that this has given you a good introduction into the Gregory chair range available through Ergonomic Essentials.

We have the chairs on our website and a majority available in our showroom, as we understand that sometimes it can be hard to decide on what chair will be best for your individual needs just by looking at pictures.

If you want to visit our showroom it is best to contact us in advance to make a time to come in so that one our consultants will be available to guide you through the process and show you how to sit correctly.

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