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Keep The Office Healthy With Sit Stand Workstations and Steppie Balance Boards


There are now a growing number of calls for office employees to take on more active workplace lifestyles, and the experts’ main reason for this is the claim that’s long been proven to be factual—the habit of being seated for long time periods leads to early death. Studies from past and present have long established the connection between a lengthy sedentary state (i. e. sitting for long time periods) with a significant increase in the risk of acquiring at least one of the following diseases or disorders—cancers of breast and colon, obesity, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

A number of solutions have been proposed to encourage employees to become more active in their respective workplaces. One effective solution is rearranging the office during a major renovation—moving meeting rooms, printers, stationary cupboards and washing areas far away from the production floor to encourage walking. Another solution that works is encouraging those who need to hold meetings or conference calls to have walking meetings and conference calls outside of the office instead.

Some experts have also proposed a number of solutions that go all the way back to the hour leading to the minute the shift begins and go beyond the minute the shift ends until they get home. Solutions that go beyond the office workspace itself include biking or walking to and from work and taking the stairs instead of the lift when going up or down the building the office is in.

Solutions suitable for your spots in the production floor are sit stand workstations and Steppie balance boards. The former is essentially a desk or desktop whose height can be adjusted. This allows a user to work effectively whether they are comfortably seated or need to address the urge to stand up after being seated for quite some time. The Steppie balance board, its perfect partner, is, based on its name, a platform that one balances on. Being able to balance on this platform can help in strengthening the back and the different muscles and joints of the body, improving circulation, and energizing one’s body.

Why The Sit Stand Workstation?

One of the benefits of the sit stand workstation has been mentioned above—it allows a user to effectively work even when they need to address the urge to stand up after being seated for quite some time.

Another benefit of the sit stand workstation follows from the first benefit—since it allows one to work effectively even whilst standing, it, therefore, facilitates for freedom of movement whilst working, thus helping to counteract sedentary living.

Since it frees a user to move in any sort of way, they help in burning more calories, in minimising the risk of back and shoulder pain and injuries, and in normalising blood sugar levels faster after a good meal.

Why Get a Steppie Balance Board With a Sit Stand Workstation?

The main reason for getting your own Steppie balance board with your sit stand workstation is connected to the fact it can take time to adjust to working whilst standing; a Steppie balance board adds comfort to standing.

A Steppie balance board also helps add more strength to one’s back. It also helps your body burn more calories and further improves blood circulation.

All you need to do is to stand on the board, and you can experience all those benefits mentioned above.

Using the Steppie Balance Board

As said above, the only thing you need to do to use the Steppie balance board is to stand on it. No need to worry about concentrating and exerting so much physical effort to balance on it—its balance point isn’t so hard to find, and its seesaw motion is easier to control than that of the usual balance board.

To reap all the benefits of using your Steppie balance board with your sit stand workstation, however, make sure that the sit stand workstation can accommodate your height whilst on the balance board. If the workstation maximum height is too low for your needs whilst on the balance board, you might end up straining a number of parts of your upper body whilst struggling to adjust so you can work properly in a less-than-ideal setup.

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