Universal Forearm Support

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Universal Forearm Support


The unique asymmetric shape creates a centralized working position in front of the keyboard and allows for a relaxed posture. The shape, positioning and material of the product reduces stress on the neck, shoulders, back and forearms and minimizes risks of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI.

The Forearm Support is made of mixed materials to optimize the soft and yet sturdy nature of the product. The core of the product is made of EU certified and approved wooden material and is additionally supported by a steel plate.

The top cover material is made of skai, which enables cleaning and disinfection of the product while in use This material also allows you to “slide” from left to right when typing or performing other tasks in front of the keyboard.

Because of the unique and narrow construction of the Forearm Support, it promotes and encourages a working position very close to the keyboard thus preventing reaching and stretching the forearms. The Forearm Support comes with a set of two z-shaped brackets to fit most desks.

Made of mixed PU foam for optimal support and cleanliness.

Steel base for structural soundness.

EU certified and approved wooden material in the core.

Shipped with two z-shaped brackets.

The Forearm Support is super slim - only 20 mm.


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