Penclic Trio Bundle

Penclic Trio Bundle


Penclic Keyboard, Numeric Keypad and Nicetouch Mouse. Wired. Black.

Both the keyboard and the number pad are only 5mm high, reducing the effort of the wrist. The Penclic Nicetouch mouse features the intuitive touchpad, quiet touch keys and a distinctive scrolling ability.

The Penclic Keyboard’s compact size allows for a more relaxed and centred working position in front of a computer.

The addition of the Penclic Numerpad allows for the full features of a keyboard and including the Nicetouch Mouse adds even more functions without sacrificing central positioning.

The 3 units are designed in a light grey matte shade that reduces reflection of light and is easier on the eyes of the user.

Keyboard is US Layout


In stock

Colour: Black


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